Prosperity Newsletter November 2019

The Prosperity Update – November 2019

What You Own and Why You Own It

Last month we discussed the recent additions of Suncor and Canadian Natural Resources to the Prosperity Fund. Recently, both Suncor and Canadian Natural Resources announced their third quarter results.

Suncor generated $2.7 billion from operations in the third quarter, declared a 42 cent quarterly dividend, and announced a share buy-back of between $2.0 and $2.5 billion.

Canadian Natural Resources had net earnings of $1.027 billion, declared a 37.5 cent dividend, and had strong performance that exceeded analyst expectations.

Share prices inevitably follow business results. Even in this very challenging business environment, these companies are getting the job done.

More recently, we have made additional purchases of the Value Partners Canadian Equity Pool.

Currently the fund is a little more conservatively positioned relative to our long-term mandate.

This is mainly because we are still building out the core positions. Additional investments will continue to be made as we grow the assets.

Current Holdings, as of October 31, 2019

Cash and Fixed Income 24.8% 
Daily Interest Savings10.7%
Vanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond ETF6.0%

Balanced Funds12.3% 
Value Partners Income Pool12.3%

Equity Funds63.0%
Antares Total Equity12.3%
Value Partners Canadian Equity18.6%
Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex North America ETF12.2%
Vanguard US Total Market Return ETF12.6%
Berkshire Hathaway B shares1.7% 
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.2.8%
Suncor Energy Inc.2.8%

What Makes the Prosperity Fund Special

The Prosperity Fund is a collection of our best ideas at our best prices, with client friendly convenience.

I am eating my own cooking with the Prosperity Fund. 97.4% of my RRSP and I am dollar cost averaging into the Prosperity Fund in my TFSA.

Why am I doing this? Because its our best ideas at our best prices!

Operations Reminder

The Prosperity Fund is priced weekly. If there is a big day in the markets, either up or down, it won’t be immediately reflected in the price of the fund on the My Portfolio + website, but this is just a reporting lag. You will see the market movements reflected in due course.

Recommendations are Welcome!

If you know of anyone whom we should talk to about the Prosperity Fund, or any other financial matter, please feel free to pass along my name, or direct them to the website,


Following a value style of investing, the Prosperity Fund will be a collection of our best ideas, with a Target Asset Allocation of 85% Equities and 15% Cash and Fixed Income.

The Prosperity Fund is appropriate for patient investors looking to grow their money over the long term. It is not appropriate for people looking to speculate, for time frames less than five years, or for people who
are not comfortable with market variability. The Prosperity Fund requires a minimum purchase of $50,000.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada ( and a Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (

Please contact Brad brain or visit for additional information about the Prosperity Fund. Important information is contained in the offering memorandum and should be read carefully before investing. The offering memorandum can be found here

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