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Tell me more about this ESG investing

The short answer is that ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. It is laudable to invest in a way that is intended to encourage positive social change.

How to create wealth

[…] When it comes right down to it, despite the innumerable things youcan do with your money, there are only are only a handful of reasons why you would own an investment. The most common ones are growth, income, liquidity, capital preservation, diversification, or eve speculation. At least those are objective reasons.

The dangers of DIY investing

Have you ever noticed that once something is in your mind, you notice it all around you? Like if you buy a red car, and then afterward all of a sudden you see red cars everywhere? Of course, the red cars were there all the time, you just didn’t notice them before you started thinking […]

The Price of Dithering

I expect that more money could be “lost” by people who are in a position to buy long-term quality investments on sale, but for some reason they dither and delay as they wonder when is the “right time” to buy, than money that will be “lost” by people who buy in too early.

We Have Been Here Before

I had an interesting realization the other day as I was speaking to someone. He really didn’t really have any context for this current situation. He doesn’t know much about SARS, or the Bird Flu, or H1N1. In 2008, the last time we had a nasty bear market, he was still in high school. We […]

A few weeks difference, a totally different reaction.

I wrote this column back in January 2020, before the Coronavirus became a thing. But things take time, and it was just published today. Here is why that is interesting. Back in January 2020 (before the bear market, before the uncertainty, when everything seemed comfortable), there will be some people that will intellectually agree with […]

Dollar Cost Averaging Through the Chaos

I’ve been telling people to load up on quality investments ever since quality investments started getting cheap. But that doesn’t mean that this will be a natural fit for everyone. I have good news though. People that are unwilling or unable to write a big cheque can still write a series of smaller ones. And, […]

The Four Truths of Bear Markets

At the end of the day, this is just another bear market and, despite all the anguish and trepidation, we have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. All objections to these four truths are based on the hypothesis that this time it’s different. This time it is not different. It never […]

Coronavirus and Your Investments

If you have a long-term time frame, and you own high quality investments, then this is not a time to panic or mourn. This is a time of potential opportunity. At worst, just ride it out and you will see better days ahead. But at best, you have some additional cash kicking around and you […]

A Day in the Life of the Prosperity Fund

A Day in the Life of the Prosperity Fund You grab yourself a nice cup of Nestle tea and sign onto the TD Bank website to do your banking with your Apple iPhone. The premium for your Manulife insurance policy is due, and you want to see if your Visa pre-authorized payment has came out […]