Brad Brain, Portfolio Manager for The Prosperity Fund

Brad Brain

Portfolio Manager

Brad Brain, CFP, R.F.P.,CLU, CH.F.C., CHS, CIM, FSCI, TEP is a Portfolio Manager with Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Brad has been serving clients both locally in Fort St. John, BC and throughout Western Canada for more than 25 years with multi-disciplinary expertise.

Brad has helped to author the Certified Financial Planners qualification exam, and has appeared as an expert witness on poverty reduction strategies for the Parliament of Canada.

Brad is committed to helping his clients build multi-generational wealth through a prudent and disciplined approach to wealth creation and preservation. What makes Brad unique is his strong protective instinct to keep his clients safe from harm.

Brad can think creatively, communicate clearly, and keep focused on what is important, which has proven invaluable to cut through the cacophony of distractions and keep clients centered on what they need to do to achieve their financial and personal objectives.

Brad offers securities advice to clients in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Securities products are provided through Aligned Capital Partners Inc.