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Asking good question

“People are sometimes reluctant to ask what’s really on their mind for fear of appearing silly or stupid. Sure, they may toss out a couple of superficial questions, but often people have judgment anxiety, and it holds them back.” Smart Money_ Asking good questions – Alaska Highway News

Taking things out of context

“When the crypto guy quotes Buffett saying the time to be greedy is when others are fearful, what he is saying is that you should be buying more crypto, and buy a lot. Be greedy about it. But here is the logical fallacy: Buffett never said this in reference to cryptocurrency.” Smart Money_ Taking things…

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How’s your self-awareness?

“Your lifelong mission is to strive to be self-aware when it comes to money decisions. Remember, it’s hard to recognize our own behaviour.” Smart Money_ How’s your self-awareness_ – Alaska Highway News

Let’s talk about bubbles

“I was talking with my friend Bruce about various financial things. One of the things that we talked about is how it seems that everyone has a story about knowing some guy that made a lot of money in cryptocurrency. ​Which is interesting, given that cryptocurrencies have been plummeting for some time. Bitcoin, the most prominent cryptocurrency, has lost more than 50…

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Things they aren’t telling you

“There are people in the financial industry that will use popular financial slogans to try to convince you that their way is best. I’m not saying that these slogans are wrong, just that sometimes they are incomplete. So let’s talk about the things that they don’t tell you.” Smart Money Things they aren’t telling you

My COVID-19 story

“Disabilities don’t arrive by appointment, and the really bad ones don’t last for only a week. So what would happen to your finances if you were suddenly unable to work because you were ill or injured?” Smart Money My COVID-19 story

Don’t be a newb

“When it comes to money, there are a lot of newbs who think they know what they are doing. And that can lead to some very expensive mistakes. The tragic part is many times these mistakes are avoidable.” Smart Money Don’t be a newb

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Don’t leave charity to chance

“If you are like me, you never have enough time to get your stuff done. There is perpetual work to do, and kids to raise, and a bottomless list of chores, and somewhere in there we need to look after ourselves too. It’s go-go-go. Personally, I am at the point in life where what I…

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Inflation-proofing your investments

“Without question, people worry about bad things happening to their money. The idea of losing money can cause considerable mental anguish. Unfortunately, sometimes people may not be worrying about the right things. People will overestimate the risk of something rare but dramatic, and underestimate the risk of something common but boring.” Smart Money Inflation-proofing your…

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Do you have a Financial Ninja as an advisor?

“Canadian financial regulators are cracking down on who can use the term “financial advisor.” Going forward, anyone who is going to call themselves a financial advisor will actually have to have a financial planning, or equivalent, designation.” Smart Money Do you have a Financial Ninja as an advisor

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