Announcing our partnership with Pilot Mortgage Group

For many people, mortgages are a big, big part of the financial picture. For some time now I have been looking for the right mortgage professional to partner with. A colleague of mine referred me to Rob Macdonald and Tyler Wilson with the Pilot Mortgage Group out of Vancouver. We finally found our guys.

We find ourselves with an opportunity right now. Currently, we are experiencing record low-interest rates, for both fixed and variable terms.

This is how much things have changed recently. The five-year fixed rate is more than 1.00% lower than it was six months ago. The prime lending rate, which variable-rate mortgages are based on, has been reduced by 1.5% in the last two months.

What this means for you is that you may be able to save thousands of dollars in interest costs. And you don’t have to wait until your mortgage comes up for renewal. The numbers can work even if it means breaking your current mortgage term or looking at early renewal opportunities. These are historically low rates, and unless you have arranged your mortgage in just the last few months, we may be able to negotiate a better deal.

There is a very simple process to see if it makes sense to investigate this further for you. We just need the current balance, lender, current rate, maturity date and the payment. You can probably pull all this off an online mortgage statement. That’s what I just did with my own mortgages, and it took me under a minute.

Just email me your mortgage details and we will do the work for you. Its that easy.

Here is the list of what we need again. Please send to

  • current balance
  • lender
  • current rate
  • maturity date
  • mortgage payment
  • a quote on a possible payout penalty

That’s all it takes. This is free, confidential, no obligation, estimate of the savings potential. You have nothing to lose, and maybe thousands of dollars in cost savings to gain.

People often pay attention to potential cost savings on smaller purchases. Paradoxically, they can be less analytical on much larger expenses, which have much larger cost saving potential.
I interviewed Rob Macdonald with the Pilot Mortgage Group about taking advantage of the opportunity to re-write your mortgage at these historically low interest rates.
Watch the video below and see examples of how you can save money on your mortgage and how the COVID19 pandemic may affect your mortgage application.

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