The Prosperity Book

About Prosperity: Making Smart, Strategic Decisions about Money

This easy-to-read collection of essays will give you a mental framework of making smart, strategic decisions about money.  Written over both the heights and depths of the most turbulent investment climate seen in generations, this anthology will provide sobriety for the bull markets and a survival guide for bear markets.

About the Author

Brad Brain, B.A. (Economics), CFP, R.F.P., CLU, CH.F.C., CHS, CIM, FCSI, TEP has been serving clients for more that 20 years with multi-disciplinary expertise.  Brad is nationally recognized for retirement income planning.  He is committed to helping his clients build multi-generational wealth through a prudent and disciplined approach to wealth creation and preservation.

What makes Brad unique is his strong protective instinct to keep his clients safe from harm.. He can think creatively, communicate clearly, and keep focused on what is important, which has proven invaluable to cut through the cacophony of distractions and keep clients centered on what they need to do to achieve their financial and personal objectives.

Praise for Prosperity

“A compelling tour de force that provides sound insight and planning guidance on how to create and preserve wealth.  This wonderful collection of short essays will engage you and motivate you to live your financial life on purpose”

Melanie Twietmeyer, R.F.P., CFDS

President, Legacy Wealth Management Inc.

Chair, Institute of Advanced Financial Planners

“Brad does an excellent job of explaining the realities of the financial markets.  This book is a must read, and will help make complicated financial matters easy to understand.”

Jas Gill, MBA, CFP, CIM, CLU

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

IDC Worldsource Insurance Network

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Prosperity is available for purchase at the office of Brad Brain Financial Planning Inc. located at  #101-9705 100 Ave. Fort St. John, BC.


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Also available for purchase on Amazon.

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