Long Term Care Insurance

  • If you are unable to perform the activities of daily living, this pays a tax-free daily benefit designed to cover medical costs
  • Long term care is not just about nursing homes. Most people want to receive care in their home … and they can. 
  • Long term care insurance offers more than financial benefits. It helps you maintain control over where you receive care and the quality of that care, and reduces the burden of care on family members.
  • Target market: 55+

Brad Brain is an insurance representative and is licensed for the sale of health insurance products in the province of British Columbia.

Please be aware that the personalized service of a professional is not likely to be duplicated over the Internet. While online quotes may be convenient, and even perfectly acceptable, any online quotes obtained are not necessarily for the best price nor for the most suitable product. Insurance policies and rates may vary for individual persons and individual circumstances. Quotes are not guaranteed as policy premiums. For a more complete Insurance evaluation, please contact Brad Brain.

If you currently do not reside in the province of British Columbia, feel free to contact us and we will recommend you to an insurance broker in your province of residence.

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